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I have the above TEAC DVD/CD Writer (DV-W24) installed on my laptop.It plays CD's & DVD's fine but when I try burn a DVD using Roxio easy CD & DVD creator version 6 it will not pick up the drive.It will however burn CD's .I have made sure that the type of disc is set to DVD in the Roxio settings.
Any solutions
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RyderPearsonAuthor Commented:
I have resolved the problem by reinstalling Roxio then adding a patch & updates from Roxio.com
Have you looked for updates on Roxio . . they add patches fairly frequently
Also . . have you tried a different brand of DVD to see if it works?
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Hello there,

I would try Downloading Nero.

Nero - http://www.softpedia.com/get/CD-DVD-Tools/Data-CD-DVD-Burning/Nero-Burning-Rom-6.shtml

{link to software removed by Callandor}

Hope this helps
Is it a DVD player, and a CD burner?

has it ever burned DVD's?

If you have burned DVD's and now it doesn't, i would guess a bad drive.

Good Luck,
I've made a quick list of what you've described,

a.) You said the drive burns CDs. So, the OS, Windows XP I assume, has properly detected the drive with it's PnP settings. We'll check this below.
b.) Windows XP includes it's own Roxio OS plugin which provides the Windows Media Player and Windows Explorer with disc recording capabilities.
c.) You said you have the stand alone version of Roxio 6.0 products installed.

Immediately, it appears the built-in OS burning capabilities are actually recording discs. So, what we have here is an application problem or setting that needs to be corrected. The application suite itself is most likely in need of an update/patch or a settings adjustment. We'll see what we can find. Even though the drive is recording, check to ensure that some fluke of Windows isn't preventing the drive to work as a recorder/burner for other applications.

1.) My Computer > Optical Drive (right-click) > Properties (menu) > Recording (tab) > ensure "Enable CD recording on this drive" has remained selected. If it is not selected, click it and put a check back in the box and apply the settings.
2.) Head to http://www.roxio.com > click "Support" link on the left menu and pick your product, or use the direct link below.

Roxio 6.0 series product support

Check the product you own to see if it's the Basic or Platinum and download and install the appropriate update.

3.) After the application is as up-to-date as possible, try recording again. If it does not, the application settings should list the drive you wish to record to.

As a last resort, the most common (and annoying fix) is to fully uninstall the troubled application, restart your system, and reinstall the Roxio Suite again.

Now, having said all that, as others have mentioned, Nero is a fantastic product. But, if you want to keep Roxio your best bet is to try and update the application, then check the settings to ensure the application sees your drive.

And if all else fails, give Roxio the boot and reinstall it to see if it can detect the drive properly once again.

Good luck.
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Ok Callandor,

Thanks for the information. Next time i'll watch what I suggest as for sites/programs to download.

Sorry once again.
According to the specs on this drive, it is a CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive meaning that it will read but not write (burn) DVDs.
Credit to willcomp,

Your drive is indeed a COMBO drive (combo meaning "plays CDs/DVDs" but only "burns CDs".

That is the unfortunate way COMBO drives are.

Only a true DVD-Burner can both play CDs/DVDs and burn CDs/DVDs.

So, once again, willcomp is correct. I looked at another model.

If you want a DVD burner, you can actually buy them for laptops if you search around. My laptop has an NEC ND-6550A laptop DVD burner.

NEC SlimLine Laptop DVD Burners

All Slimline DVD Burners

And that's what you would need to burn DVDs.
Well done! !
RyderPearsonAuthor Commented:
Yes you can refund me the points, thanks
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