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Unable to relay CRM email

Everything was fine, now all of a sudden:

#61042 - an error occurred while processing the outgoing email message with subject "" for smtp:xx for delivery through "exchange server". System.net.mail.smtpfailedrecipientexception: mailbox unavailable. The server response was: 5.7.1 unable to relay at system.net.mail.smtptransport.sendmail (mailaddress sender mailaddresscollection recipients, string deliverynotify, smtpfailedrecipientexception& exception) at system.net.mail.smtpclient.send(mailmessage message) at microsoft.crm.tools.email.providers.smtppollingsendemailprovider.processmessaginternal (email email message) at microsfot.crm.tools.email.providers.crmpollingsendemailprovider.run()

Any thoughts?

exchange 2007
server 2008
Microsoft CRM Dynamics
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Steve AgnewSr. Systems Engineer

Are you sending email to addresses that exists on the exchange server, or trying to use it to send to email addresses on the internet, if the later you have to enable relaying or give your CRM a valid username and password to send using.. the default is for Exchange to reject anything sent to it from anonymous to any address it doesn't own.

Check the setting on Server configuration / Hub Transport / Recieve Connectors
Principal Consultant
I would re-run the CRM E-mail Router configuration wizard and check that the outgoing profile test is succesful.
Do you have relay configured on HUB for CRM?


from what you all have suggested, as well as my own research, Relay is not working for some reason. While i am working on this issue, i still wonder why it was working fine till now?
Chinmay PatelChief Technology Ninja
Distinguished Expert 2019

Hi matrix1324,
Can you please check these settings on your Exchange Server : http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd277329.aspx
The error you are getting looks really close to what I used to face with my custom mail solution. 
Maybe Admin of the Exchange server changed something or maybe it's the IP of your CRM Server, but I think the Exchange Server is culprit not CRM/Router.

John StevensManager, IT Systems

Have you set up the receive connector on the Exchange server ?

This is something I have seen overlooked, which can cause this.  Also are you running GFI Mail Essentials on the exchange box - if you are try putting your CRM server's IP in the white list .. that also has caused issues for some in the past.


turns out the email router needed to be running from the crm server. However i am still not sure why this working fine, then all of a sudden not working. Once we moved the email router to the crm server, we were back on track.
John StevensManager, IT Systems

Personally I think you should award points to the individual (who ever it was, not saying it was me ) who pointed you in the right direction, but that is just my opinion.

As for why it may have been working fine then stopped working suddenly - could be the trust relationship with the machine you had it running on got broken in some way.  
John StevensManager, IT Systems

I am suggesting this one :

accept that of feridun in http:#a32975621.