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Vista Desktop Access is denied

I have a Vista Business laptop that boots to the following error.

c:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile\Desktop is not accessible.
Access is denied.

The desktop is black but can see the system tray, the start menu works but no programs will open.  
I can get to the command prompt & registry in Safe Mode but not the Control Panel.
Cannot get to My Computer.  Wanted to check permissions.
I checked the run and run once in current user and local machine and don't see anything unusual.
Doesn't want to let me connect to wifi in safe mode.
I uninstalled webroot that the customer installed.  Still has Norton Internet Security & Windows Defender
I checked the logs of Malwarebytes that the customer ran and had 0 found.
Ran scan with Norton Internet Security, nothing found.
PC takes forever to log off but finally does.

Saw some things on the internet to add a user then log off & log in as new user.  I was able to right click on Computer and choose manage and create a new user, added that user to the Administrator group....logged off and back on as new user and have the same issue.  

Kind regards.

Windows Vista

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