Command line netsh ipsec static returns error 05073

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We have a group of servers running Windows 2003 and now have a new 2008 box.  I have some scripts that create some entries that seem to not want to work on 2008 despite what I read that is should.

I have the following:
netsh ipsec static add filterlist name="Open Z39.50 (Incoming)"

I receive the error:
ERR IPsec[05073] : Unable to open Policy Store

I tried to Google for some info but nothing was coming up that made any sense.  I did receive an error earlier that interactive sessions are not allowed on this server.  I've read that starting the Interactive Services Detection service will fix the problem with the interactive issue but I still get the same error.
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Permissions problem?

ERR IPSec [05073] Unable to open Policy Store.

Clearly this was a user permission issue. So, the identity of the COM+ application was changed to “Administrator” instead of “Local Service”. And then, we all lived happily until the next bug showed its ugly face.
You could also check that service is running

sc query policyagent
Try the same command with a Administrator: Command Prompt.

Right click on Command prompt and Run as

Does it still fail?


Number-1 I found that article but didn't think it really applied as I was trying to run something from the command line not another application.

ShareefHuddle, I am a member of the Administrators group so didn't even think of this.  It resolved my problem, thank you.

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