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DNS Event ID 4010

DNS Event 4010 regarding records in Reverse lookup zones.
When ever I restart DNS on one of my DNS servers I am getting a few hundred 4010 errors, regarding the inability to create record “x” in zone “y”. These records are reverse DNS records.
The same Errors appear on each of my DNS servers as the zones are AD integrated.
The errors relate to a mix of zones, and don’t complain about all the records in that zone or any particular zone.
For example the errors state that they have tried to create a record “” in “10.x”. However they shouldn’t be trying to create records in there as a more appropriate DNS zone exists, such as “10.10.x”.
I have removed records, recreated them, updated PTR. Reset DNS and the same errors come back.
Any ideas.
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Sumesh BNR
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Your zone does not allow updates.: Dynamic Updates (No),  I do not understand
your dns setup. How many dns servers do you have ?
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hi thanks for your replies;

sumeshbnr; yes seen that thread, not really applicable, I have checked for duplicate entries a updates in adsit edit etc... and can see no problem.

sfossupport; I have 10 + DNS Servers, Secure Updates are allowed. These zones are AD integrated.
Dynamic updates can be secure or nonsecure. How do you have dhcp configured for ddns.
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What subnet mask are you using. It looks to me as they are trying to create records
in reverse lookup zones that don't exist.
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Self resolved