Favorites folder empty in file explorer after relocating user files

I changed the Windows "Location" of my user files to a new drive (went from C:\Users to D:\Users)  -- Something I've done many times before.

The Links and Favorites folders were moved, but In File Explorer the Favorites folder is empty.  If I try to add something to the folder, nothing happens.   Please see screen captures attached, showing my current situation, and how it is supposed to look (from another PC).

Clearly, I missed doing something... any ideas how to fix this?
-- thanks
Rob RudloffIT Development SpecialistAsked:
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Joseph OLoughlinIT Support SpecialistCommented:
What folder are you taken to if you bring up the run dialogue with <Start>R and type in
Rob RudloffIT Development SpecialistAuthor Commented:
shell:favorites   points to   "F:\Users\rrudloff\Favorites"

F: used to be the letter assigned to the 2nd hard drive.  That drive is now lettered D:
So, the favorites are now in "D:\Users\rrudloff\Favorites"

F:  is now a letter that Windows assinged to a USB stick that is currently in the PC
Joseph OLoughlinIT Support SpecialistCommented:
for instructions on changing the favourites folder location
The Windows7 instructions are equally applicable to Vista and Windows 8

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Rob RudloffIT Development SpecialistAuthor Commented:
That link had the answer -- I had to edit the settings in the registry, per the instructions, plus I had to edit a few other folder that still referenced "F:"    It all seem to work now.
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