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Benefits of thin provisioned storage array in vmware 5

Hi experts, I have done some readings on best practices for VMware storage and what I have gathered is to use thin provisioning on the array side and thick on VMware side. I'm a little confused here. If I configure thin on the storage array what good does it bring in term of space savings if the VMware side is thick? For example, if a VM is provisioned for thick with either eager or lazy zero, all the space is given to that VM. Say we give 50gb to that VM, all of 50gb is reserved for that VM. If my LUN is just 200GB, whether is it thick (lazy or eager) , I'm still left with 150GB right? Or am I missing something here. Thanks. To me it makes no difference on the array side if we were to use thick on the VMware side.

I'm using IBM v3700 Storage Array. It does not support space reclamation which the high v7000 support. Should I still use thin provisioning or thick on the array? Many thanks in advance.
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