Migrate on-premise Exchange 2010 mailbox to Office 365 (hybrid deployment)

I cannot move a mailbox from onprem Exchange 2010 to 365

Hybrid setup and the Office 365 forrest is available in the 2010 EMC.

If I from 2010 EMC do a remote move requset everything seems fine in the move wizard, but after that nothing happens. No move request visible.

If I from the 365 online ECP setup an endpoint and tries to create a batch and get to the point where I can add the mailbox(es) I want to move, I cannot see the mailbox so I cant select it.

What have I missed?
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Satish AutiSenior System AdministratorCommented:
It happens sometime,this nothing to do from on-prem. In sometimes it will start working. See if there is message/alert on office portal. Check how many concurrent connections are you using. If you have dirsync try to restart the dirsync services.

you can also try to move requests using powershell.
itpartner_danmarkAuthor Commented:
Thanks Satish

Powershell says target user already has a primary mailbox.
itpartner_danmarkAuthor Commented:
If I remove the users license in Office 365 and do the powershell move request again I get this error:
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itpartner_danmarkAuthor Commented:
The useraccount is synced with AdConnect
Satish AutiSenior System AdministratorCommented:
Was the move request was successful earlier for this user?

If yes then you just removed the license in office 365, the user mailbox will there on portal.
E ATech LeadCommented:
Remote Mailbox Move to O365 using Powershell:

You need to run the New-MoveRequest command in the target forest not the source.  If you aren't able to log on directly to a server in the target then you can run this via remote powershell.


Before the hybrid migration, the user should be a mail user in Office 365. According to the error message “Target user already has a primary mailbox”, possible cause might be that this user already has an Office 365 mailbox. So the migration fails. To troubleshooting this issue, check this thread: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/msoffice_o365admin-mso_manage/mailbox-migration-fails-user-already-has-a-primary/dab8158d-17f0-48b2-868c-3b4f3ce30776

You may also get help from exchange migration solution like Lepide and CodeTwo to migrate mailboxes from on premises exchange to office 365.

Hope this helps!
itpartner_danmarkAuthor Commented:
Its the first user I try to move.

AdConnect is running and user accounts synchronized.

Before trying the first move request i got the error that I have stated in ID: 42061217 as you can see if you scroll up this page.

After removing the users O365 license i got the error that I have stated in ID: 42061266 as you can see if you scroll up this page
Marshal HubsEmail ConsultantCommented:
Please Check this discussion for the same: https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/28317279/Migrate-on-premise-Exchange-2010-mailbox-to-Office-365-hybrid-deployment.html

You can also do mailbox migration with the help of third party tools. Please check following software: Codetwo
itpartner_danmarkAuthor Commented:
I will give up on moving the mailboxes. I will go for Migrationwiz. How do I close this question as unsolved?

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Marshal HubsEmail ConsultantCommented:
itpartner_danmark choose migrationwiz for the same task..
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