KMS not working with Office 2013

Here is my setup:

  • AD Domain
  • KMS Server - Windows Server 2012
  • Office2013KMS Pack Installed
  • VAMT 3.1
  • Windows 7 w/ Office 2013 Professional Plus SP1

We have used the KMS server in the past to activate Windows 7 without issue. Works every single time.

I cannot for the life of me get it to work with Office 2013. I actually have several errors I am dealing with right now. I'll try to summarize as best I can.

When I go to activate Office 2013 I use the following commands and the errors I receive after using them:

  • cscript ospp.vbs /sethst:serveraddress - This command processes successfully and I've verified the correct IP for the KMS is working with nslookup
  • cscript ospp.vbs /inpkey:XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX - (Key used = KMS) ERROR CODE: 0xC004F050 ERROR DESCRIPTION: The Software Licensing Service reported that the product key is invalid.
  • cscript ospp.vbs /act - ERROR CODE: 0xC004F038 ERROR DESCRIPTION: The Software Licensing Service reported that the product could not be activated. The count reported by your Key Management Service (KMS) is insufficient. Please contact your system administrator.

When I go to VAMT on the KMS server I get the same error about the counts. I've tried to refresh the key but the count does not update. When I run slmgr /dlv all I get that Office 15, OfficeKMSHostVL_KMS_Host edition is Licensed but the remaining rearm count is -1.

Screenshot of slmgr /dlv all:

On VAMT it says the Remaining Activation Count is "Not available" when I try to Refresh product key data online nothing changes. When I try to do volume activate through VAMT I get the same error about counts.

When I try to install key through VAMT I get the "Product Key is invalid message".
Jason ParadisIT Operations SpecialistAsked:
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William MillerIT SpecialistCommented:
How many PCs are actually requesting activation? Those keys have a minimum they have to reach before they'll activate clients and for office that count is 5.

The Key Management Service (KMS) activation threshold for Office 2013 is five computers. This means that Office 2013 client computers will be activated only after five or more client computers have requested activation.

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Jason ParadisIT Operations SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, I don't have 5 installations to activate. This was a test lab environment. Oh well. Thanks anyway.
William MillerIT SpecialistCommented:
I wish I could have given you a better answer in this instance. Unfortunately, when dealing with KMS activation you have a handful of rules to adhere to before the activation will actually take hold.
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