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my internet download speed slow although I have subscribed to 800mbps internet plan.

Hi all,
Recently my internet connection  has been upgraded by provider from 100mbs to 800mbps snd they have confirmed I must have the speed near to 800mbps, but what comes to my surprise was the connection never had that much of speed, the fastest I have ever reached only up to 200mbps and never cross this.
So I decided to call the technician to inspect internet  line and etc, they did not found out any wrong and when the guys do some test with his own laptop he managed to get > 800mbps  that speed.
my questions is that what I can do now in order o improves my speed ? at least  500mbps if possible although I have been provided with 800mbps.

I'm running my machine with windows 10, 64 bits with 16GB memory installed and this pc has connection to corporate networks via vpn which I rare use them except when needed.of course I have antivirus installed and I never have any intention to run tsi machine without protection.
Windows 10Windows OSPC

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