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Visual Studio 2019 No Report option in add item menu

I was having a heck of a time trying to create a report in Visual Studio 2017.  I removed references to version 9 and installed 150.1400 from nuget and added the references back.  I was never able to get a report viewer onto a form.  It always ended up at the bottom as a component like the timer or backgroundworker.  I uninstalled 2017 and installed 2019 after hours of unsuccessful google fu trying to fix it.  2019 allows me to drop a report viewer onto a form but I am missing the add new item - report option.  So now I can drop a report viewer onto a form but I can't add an RDLC to my winforms project.  I may go back to VS 2010 where things just worked...This is crazy frustrating.

Any ideas on getting the report creation option into the menu?

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Thank you.  That was easier than expected.  I wonder why that solution doesn't come up sooner in Google efforts and why Microsoft separated the report viewer from Visual Studio?  Are they moving in a new direction?
Chinmay PatelChief Technology Ninja
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I dunno.. Haven't used Google in years... 😈
And this is new Microsoft - Lean and Not so.. Mean. Things are modular.. You can get them on demand... And if you don't need them they don't bloat up the installer.