Adrian McGarry
Chief Information Officer
  • Ascot,
  • United Kingdom
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Information is at the heart of my experience

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Professional Background
Chief Information Officer
Licensed Trade Charity and Elvian Limited
March 2001 – Present
Group Director for the LTC organisation, including Elvian Limited, LVS
Ascot, LVS Hassocks and LVS Oxford schools.
Directing, managing and implementing systems and services to all
parts of the organisation, providing centralised information technology
systems including; information services, audiovisual, communication
and security systems, to all stakeholders and clients alike.
This role involves many skills, from managing IT budgets of £2M
(sterling), overseeing teams of IT helpdesk, network and e-learning staff,
to project management of on average 50–60 projects year.
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Full Biography

Senior Information Technology Executive with over 26 years experience developing and executing IT strategies in alignment with corporate objectives. An established record as a leader and business partner that collaborates with other executives and stakeholders to use technology to transform and simplify business processes while delivering measurable bottom-line benefit.

An energetic leader with a passion for people development, a track record of recruiting, retaining and motivating, a demonstrated ability to effectively lead and work in a high-pressure and complex environment.
Creating teams is one of my core skill strengths, whether within my own departments or across the business. Spotting raw talent, honing and mentoring is key to my style of management, proven by my current teams lineage. Having inducted technicians and over time forming network managers through 14 years of service, IT managers over 15 years and helpdesk managers over 12 years of service. This also extends to remote teams managing, mentoring across three of our own sites and further in Dubai. Proving core ideals of consistency, stability and standardisation can be delivered through localised monitoring, KPIs and appraisals, but that this can also be achieved using communication technology to bridge the divide.

Outstanding record of completing projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. Possess an in-depth understanding of emerging technologies. A consensus-building leader with strong technical skills, innovative problem-solving techniques and excellent communication skills. Comprehensive knowledge of project management, business process re-engineering and
workflow analysis.  Business leading success in researching new products and technologies whilst applying them to enterprise needs. Combined with strategy and commercial vision to form 3-5 year business planning and following through development of technologies that were groundbreaking. Please see my LinkedIn profile for the case studies

Business continuity and risk management is a natural match for the skills of IT disaster recovery. Furthering these with my experience across many business sectors and length of service have honed these skills beyond IT, across departments and business enterprises. Testing these plans, across senior management teams and executive bodies. Information is at the heart of my experience in IT, across financial, software, education and not-for-profit sectors, with over 20 years as a Data Protection Officer.

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