Integrate GDPR and Digital Transformation to Overcome IT Security Risks

Ugra Narayan PandeyCloud Security Expert
I am proudly an Indian and Currently working as a Data Security Expert with SysTools.
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If industrial users are looking for focusing upon the digital transformation but have a shortage of resources, outsourcing IT support is the best option here. Enforcing GDPR compliance in business will give relief to people from more than half headache of IT security issues.

What Comes New With GDPR Compliance?


The emergence of the EU GDPR standard is currently in force for all businesses who access European citizen data. It is a more stringent measure to protect personal information and data privacy of users.  It demands a much bigger responsibility as well as transparency from industries who are dealing with EU citizens’ personal data. In the case of data breach incidents, involved firms will be punished with huge fines, if found with a rule violation. Well, the enforcement of GDPR compliance in business has resulted in a good opportunity for digital transformation, which can be considered as one of the positive sides of GDPR.

Digital transformation acts as a holy grail for many companies, especially for the one who was desperately looking for solutions to get connected with global people via digital means. Around 34% of growth in overall revenue was observed by UK organizations who put their efforts into using digital transformation solutions. All this is not only about transforming the working pattern in business but, also to fulfill customers’ demands in the shortest time duration. There is a misconception among people about this concept that - 

 ‘Digital transformation is all about splashing the money (or cash) on technology, which has a number of attractive features in it, OR is only available for big enterprises.’ 

Users who have such a mindset need to open up their eyes and eliminate this sort of misconception forever. Digital transformation could be felt out of reach by the small firms, which do not have large IT security teams or normal teams. But when it becomes vital to appoint IT executives at the highest scale in a company to cause an actual digital transformation, reducing the overall load of in-house IT team can permit enterprises to concentrate more on their innovation and development.

Importance of Digital Transformation in IT Security

A clear image can be seen that more companies than ever before are now beginning to learn the importance of outsourcing IT support. Undoubtedly, the purpose of the fastest-growing platform for outsourcing is ‘IT Security’ where 47% of respondents decide to spend more on outsourced security services. In case your IT team is not proper as per the demand then, at least it is essential to ensure that you have sufficient amount of resources to handle internet hackers and secure critical data from leakage.

Just A Recommendation – Here comes the major role of managed IT security services, which will guide businesses with what best they can do to achieve cloud data security.

It is difficult to appoint Cybersecurity experts in business because of their high-salary demand. It has been recorded that 51% of enterprises are going through a ‘problematic shortage’ of Cybersecurity specialists. However, managed IT solution vendors guarantee that they appoint a team of these experts or specialists. Instead of wasting precious time in hiring an in-house IT security team, particularly for small or medium sized business, why not to tap in IT security service vendors? Undoubtedly, they will make the entire job simple without diverting the focus of business clients from their actual growth.

Some Important Concerns for IT Security in Business

The capability of outsourcing this role entirely not only assists companies in enforcing GDPR compliance but, it also gives relief from a valuable budget. Of course, one should not outsource their IT support services with the perspective of saving their overall business finance BUT WAIT!! If this particular activity is done in a correct manner, outsourcing can enable your industry to develop more by freeing up resources to concentrate more on digital transformation.

With every 3rd party project, users have to weigh up the challenges against the benefits. The idea to outsource some IT projects like CRM solution implementation and support means that there exists an additional entity who have the privilege to work with sensitive data to increase companies’ attack platform in a potential manner. It is essential to select an accurate IT service vendor to reduce cloud computing security challenges. This particular vendor should be completely dedicated to not only to its European GDPR standard but, also to the compliance of its clients as well. An advanced IT support organization will have original, sophisticated methods to secure its data as well as its clients’ information - technologies that users can take advantage of by becoming a customer.

Its Time to Wrap Up

If a company is searching to concentrate on digital transformation but is suffering from the shortage of resource, outsourcing IT security support is the best approach. It will allow end users to focus on transformation completely as well as to save some budget. However, before outsourcing IT security services, it is essential to consider some crucial notes in mind. One need to ensure that a robust and established IT support vendor, which comply with best security practices should be adopted.

Ugra Narayan PandeyCloud Security Expert
I am proudly an Indian and Currently working as a Data Security Expert with SysTools.

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