Released on the 7th of September this real time strategy game sets a new bar for any real time strategy game. R.U.S.E. is a game made by Eugen Systems and published by Ubisoft and released for the PC, Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360.

The setting of the game is during WWII. You can play two campaigns one for the allied forces as Major Sheridan and the other as General von Richter of the German army. After every mission follows a cut scene which reveals a part of the story. The cut scenes are high quality and give the gamer a feeling of being in a movie with breaks in the form of battles. Even for the real hardcore RTS players it’s a good feature which makes the game even more great.

In the game the player can control huge amounts of forces in a impressive size map with remarkable detail. Battles will take place all around the field and players will need to concentrate on more than one front to win the battle. But not only tactic and strategy will win the battles. The battle will be decided by the use of Ruses. Ruses are special abilities like Radio silence which make your units invisible. The use of spies to uncover invisible units and blitzkrieg will make your units move faster. There are many Ruses and will make the game more unpredictable. Ruse has a multiplayer option which support dedicated server and ranked matches. If your just looking for a quick battle, well that option is also available.

You build up points playing the campaigns and by playing online. There is a ranked system that you can check in-game and online which records all the players and scores. R.U.S.E is a for both the hardcore RTS player and the normal player, it’s easy to learn and play and is a guarantee of a lot of fun.

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