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If you are interested in the gaming world and want to try World of Warcraft, I'd recommend this basic set of add-ons to get you started.  All add-ons are available either by Google search or on Curse.com.

For the person who doesn't want to get involved with maintaining and extracting add-ons, manual updates, etc...  Start with "Curse Client" available at http://www.curse.com/client.  They offer a free application to maintain and install all of your add-ons automatically.  There is a professional version with a fee but that is really optional.


Auctioneer - Scans current auctions for your items and automatically generates the best sell price for your auction items.

Atlastloot Enhanced - In a dungeon about to start fighting a boss?  Use Atlasloot to see the potential loot.  Useful for searching for gear upgrades.

AutoRepair - Whenever you open a window with a repair vendor, your gear is automatically repaired.  This saves you a click.

BadBoy: Anti-Spam - This will protect you from private message ads in game.  It will also automatically mark the message as spam.  This effectively happens in the background and does not disrupt game play.

Bagnon - Organize your bags and key rings into 1 window instead of the default "per bag" window.  This works for your inventory as well as your bank.

Deadly Boss Mods - The primary use of this add-on is to alert you during a boss fight if there is something you have to do, from getting out of the way or casting a spell.  Most advanced player raids require this add-on.  If you are just starting, you can skip this add-on.

Dominos - Will allow you to adjust all of the WoW toolbars and place them wherever you want on your screen.  Ultimately I find I have more visible bar space with this add-on.  Though again, for the beginner, you might want to skip this one.

Fishing Buddy - Absolutely required if you are going to fish.  Features easy cast, easy lures.  This add-on frees you from constantly moving the mouse and saves many clicks once configured.

FuBar GarbageFu - This add-on adds a button to a vendor window to automatically sell all trash in your bags.

Outfitter - Once you begin to obtain more gear, you will need outfitters sophisticated interface to easily manage your outfits.  Though the game has a similar feature, Outfitter is much more robust.

Postal - Auctions going well?  Have to open 30 pieces of mail from auction sales?  This will give you a 1 click button to open all your mail and report back on the total amount collected.

Prat 3.0 - Besides the streamlined chat interface that Prat offers, the best feature is the ability to block copy and paste web addresses or chat logs.

QuestGuru - Replace your quest log with a much easier to navigate interface.  Additionally it keeps a log of your quest history and offers a replacement Quest Tracker that is far better than the built in tracker or the tracker provided by QuestHelper.

QuestHelper - Need help with a quest?  This will help guide you in the right direction.  If you want to level quickly and not waste a lot of time researching quests, this add-on is required.  To disable the Quest Helper Tracker, type "/qh track" in game

Titan Panel - Adds a bar to your interface which has various useful modules.  Highly configurable and also compatible with most of the add-ons listed above.

I hope you find this list useful and help to make your WoW gaming experience incredible!
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