Protect Your Active Directory [VIDEO]

Last week, our Skyport webinar on “How to secure your Active Directory” provided 218 attendees with a step-by-step guide for identifying Active Directory security threats and how to protect against them.

According to Howard Friedman, presenter and vice president of business innovation at Ascent Solutions, 90% of organizations use Active Directory for their identities and credentials. That means this system—often at the center of everything for an enterprise—is at a high targeted risk for theft and security breaches.

In fact, Russell Rice, head of product at Skyport Systems, said threats are many and growing. There are sites that exist for the sole purpose of providing free means to breach Active Directory firewalls and swipe credentials to infiltrate weak points of entry. 

This vulnerability has lead teams like Friedman’s and Rice’s to explore existing weaknesses in this widely-used system and find ways to safeguard against potential threats.

They discussed why these gaps exist, citing issues such as cost, bogged down processes that teams and individuals put off, and too many administrative access points. While the job can sometimes be “unsexy”, as Friedman put it, securing Active Directory doesn’t just protect user credentials, but credentials for computers, data, and even three-party firms. They’re all connected, and a problem in one area can cause a ripple effect throughout the whole system.

Rice found that the best practices for combating this increased risk includes awareness of the mal-intentioned software, limiting permissions, and spending the time needed to secure the environment.

For more details on tips provided in this webinar—or to watch the presentation—click here.


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