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Martin Liss
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I really like Experts Exchange but the text formatting tags are pretty basic. For example in an article I wrote I found that when I put a "[bullet]" tag in front of a list of items and a closing "[/bullet]" tag at the end I expected that each item in the list would be given a bullet, but as it turned out only the first item got one. I reported that as a problem to Community Support but I was told that I needed to put matching "[bullet]" "[/bullet]" on every item in the list. That's pretty tedious so to make life easier for myself I created an HTM file that works on Internet Explorer as an addition to IE's context menu. The htm file is embedded at the end of this article and here is how you use it.
Copy the file to C:\EE\HTM Files (or any other place you want)
Go to your Start menu, enter regedit, and click OK
Find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt
Create an entry for named 'EE bullet list' by right-clicking on MenuExt and then selecting New|Key
Right-click on the (Default) value, select Modify and and type in C:\EE\HTM Files \EE bullet list.htm
Right-click on the new entry and select New|Binary Value
Name that entry 'contexts'
Right-click on the contexts entry, select Modify and type in '04'
Exit the Registry editor
Close and restart IE
When you do that you will be able to highlight the entries in a list, right click, and then select the new 'EE bullet list' entry like I just did:) Easy!

Update: 11/29/2011
I've also embedded another htm file for IE users and this one will spell check your posts. In order for it to work you need to have Word installed on your PC. Installation is the same as decribed above except that substitute 'EE Spell Check.htm' for the name of the file.

Update 11/30/2011
I've now created an Extension for Safari that will give users of that browser the ability to do bulleted lists just like my htm file for IE. To use it
Download the safariextz file from here
Make sure that your Safari|Preferences…|Extensions is 'On'
Doubleclick the downloaded file and then 'Open' and 'Install' it
Once that's done you'll have right-click access to the 'EE List Bullets' item.

Update 12/04/2011
Changes for IE
Embedded three new context menu items which will
1.    Produce a numbered list like this one
2.    Change the case of text that you've typed (to upper, to lower, or to capitalize each word)
3.    Remove unwanted tags

To implement them just follow the instructions at the top of the article

Changes for Safari
1.    Produce a numbered list like this one
2.    Remove unwanted tags
Note that Safari already allows you to change case via the 'Transformations' context menu item.

To implement them download the safariextz file from here and then follow the instructions in the 11/30/2001 update.

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Author:Martin Liss
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