RamDisks: The least understood update or upgrade a computer can have!

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Ed Covney
Retired USN in '88. Then IT & s/w dev. Fully retired in 2015. Now practicing math skills, long neglected, and learning VBA (to demo math).
Without a doubt, RamDisks have been the most misunderstood, but greatest upgrade and addition to any computer. They are at least 5 times faster than NVMe drives, 15 times faster than the fastest SSD, so why doesn't everybody have one?

If you don't have enough RAM to spare is one good reason.  But why don't you? If you told yourself, I never use more than 4 GB or 8 GB or ??  You ask yourself the wrong question. You should have asked "what can I do with more RAM?" and then investigated.

This video was produced on a 5-year old ASUS Z97-Pro, Intel 4790K OC'd to 4400 MHz,  with32 GB RAM, 16 GB dedicated to a RamDisk (A:\ drive). It's image file is on my D:\ is an Intel NVMe drive and my E:\ drive a hot swap WD SSD - E:\ is the slowest drive involved in copying 1100+files to A:\ and monitoring how quickly the image file was updated.
Author:Ed Covney
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by:Andrew Leniart
Hi Ed,

I found this to be an excellent explanation about the benefits of a Ramdisk and will soon edit my article on Ramdisk use to include a link to this video as well as I feel it will compliment the information presented in my article.

Great work.


Regards, Andrew
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