Watch Cyber Threat Intelligence - A Partner in Risk Management | Muneeb Imran Shaikh

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Muneeb Imran Shaikh
Information Security | Cyber Threat Intelligence Specialist | Governance, Risk Management Specialist
This video is part of the recorded Webinar from Muneeb Imran Shaikh, an expert in Information Security Governance, Risk & Cyber Threat Intelligence.

The Webinar was conducted to discuss and explain how Cyber Threat Intelligence can aid the overall Risk Management Function.

If industrial users are looking for focusing upon the digital transformation but have a shortage of resources, outsourcing IT support is the best option here. Enforcing GDPR compliance in business will give relief to people from more than half heada…
It is important to think like an attacker for an individual who is responsible for cloud data security in his or her business. Therefore, here we came with this post to aware users with main points that hackers consider while attempting an attack.

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