How to Create a Table of Contents in Word

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Learn how to make your own table of contents in Microsoft Word using paragraph styles and the automatic table of contents tool. We'll be using the paragraph styles in Word’s Home toolbar to help you create a table of contents.

Video Steps

01. Type out your initial header

02. Apply the Heading 1 style to it

03. Type out a secondary header

04. Apply the Heading 2 style to it

05. Type out a tertiary header

06. Apply the Heading 3 style to it

07. Generate your table of contents

Based on the headers you created. Place your cursor in the location you want the table of contents to be inserted

08. Select References from the toolbar

09. Select Table of Contents

10. Select Automatic Table 1

11. Done

Your Table of Contents will be inputted automatically using the heading styles you previously applied!

Expert Comment

Awesome very useful video

Expert Comment

by:Matthew Garabedian
Great Course, Might use this when writing stories, etc.

Expert Comment

by:jiya yadav
amazing stuff in video I have too many things from that keep sharing and posting thankyou very much again!

Expert Comment

by:Navneet Kaur
Live the video and the way you taught.
thanks, Leslie Bloom for sharing such helpful video.

Expert Comment

by:Lucia Mandela
very nice article, keep up the  good work
LVL 36

Expert Comment

by:Andrew Leniart
Great video with nice and clear instructions, but it's hard to visualize how to apply this when creating a ToC to a document of say 10 or 20 pages. I find many people (myself included) create their document first, and then decide they want to go back and create a ToC. A video on how to do that would be highly useful if you're ever so inclined to create one. Thanks for sharing this though :)

Regards, Andrew

Expert Comment

by:Madan Mohan
I think this is one of the best blog for me because this is really helpful for me. Thanks for sharing this valuable information for free

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