How to fix screen flickering issue when I plug in power cord to the machine?

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Durga Ojha
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How to fix display issue, screen flickering issue when I plug in
power cord to the machine.

Before I start explaining the solution lets check out once the issue how it looks like
after I connect the power cord. most of you also have faced this and I hope this video could help
you to resolve your display flickering issue.

Let me tell you this display issue comes only I connect the power cord otherwise it looks good
without connecting charger. but I cannot continue more time without connecting charger and battery
will go down.

So let me show you the issue, what happens when I connect the charger. I just connect the charger
and you can see the display changes suddenly and its quite difficult and painful for eyes to continue
with this display.

Solution for this is to right click on Desktop and select graphics properties click on Advanced
and change the refresh rate from 60Hz to 50Hz. click on apply and ok.

Now if you plugin and plug out the charger you wont see the display changes and flcikering.
It's all set
Thank you for watching this video.
Author:Durga Ojha
Some of the basic WQL queries I've used for quick reference. This article will be updated with additional queries later.
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